Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Online Petition Available, please sign up!

Hi All -

We are now rallying up in prep for the next public meeting, which is TBD at St Philip's. I'll announce exact date/time/location when it's solid.

For now, we need to start the e-barrage to show the level of support for this project.

One thing those who don't like the ideal of this trial have done is collect a petition. We decided we might as well do the same. Rumor has it they have 500 names. I know we have much more support than that!

We decided to do this one online. It is available at


Please "sign" and forward this on to your friends. We do need your US Mail address because we want to be very clear about who has signed the petition to show local as well as non-local support. We won't use it for anything other than that.

While you're at it, please do send a mail of support to our friends at City Hall. And they are our friends, but they need to see our support.


Over the next few weeks we'll get out on the streets as well, Farmer's Market, bus stops, parks, etc...
If anyone wants to help out, drop us a line at noevalleyplaza@gmail.com - we can provide flyers/cards/etc... to pass out. Or just stop by and say Hi! And if you have interesting ideas, please do show us the way.

Thanks! And let's Just Try It!