Monday, April 26, 2010

Pixie Hall Studios providing classes for Children during the next P2P meeting

The last P2P meeting April 8 was well attended, but a major complaint was that people with young children were having trouble getting babysitters and thus could not attend the meeting. Given that families with young children are a large demographic in the neighborhood today, this is problematic.

Enter Pixie Hall Studios

Located across the street from St Philip's School, Pixie Hall is an Art Studio with classes for young children. While we are still finalizing details, the owner, Noe Valley resident Kristin Scagliotti has graciously offered to run a class during the next P2P meeting, most likley from 6:30-8 PM so that the young ones can get a little fun in the Art Studio, allowing parents to participate in the P2P meeting.

The most important detail is obviously "What date is the meeting?" That is a detail without an answer beyond "late May".

As I said, details are still being finalized, but if you are interested, please email