Friday, April 2, 2010

Will the plaza be big enough for my 2 year old to walk around?

To me, one of the compelling arguments for the plaza concept at Noe and 24th, is that it gives the neighborhood's large kids/dogs demographic a spot right on 24th St where they can get off the sidewalk, sit, and let their kid walk around or have space for their dog to lie down without worrying about blocking the sidewalk.

The question arises - would this be akin to letting your kid play in the street, dangerously close to cars?

Let's take a look.

On the left is the Upper Noe Playground. On the right, is Noe Street. The proposed plaza is half the size of Upper Noe Playground, more than enough room for public interaction, places to sit, and yes - to get your child out of the stroller and let him or her stretch their legs a bit (under your watchful supervision of course!).