Thursday, April 1, 2010

Say YES to a Plaza Trial - Improve Public Space on 24th Street

Now is our chance to improve 24th Street!
At community planning meetings in 2006-2007 residents called for more public space along 24th Street. In response to these community wishes, the Noe Valley Association (NVA) won a grant for more public space. Together with the City’s Pavement to Parks program, we now have the unique opportunity to have a community plaza on Noe Street at 24th on a trial basis.

A Trial Community Plaza to See What Works
The proposed temporary plaza would close about sixty feet of Noe St. just south of 24th St. for an attractive community space where kids can play, where neighbors can gather and socialize, and where the community can sit, drink, eat, socialize, and or rest while strolling and shopping in the area. By giving pedestrians a safe space on Noe St., the plaza will also improve traffic at the 4-way stop intersection, which is a frequent bottleneck. A similar plaza has improved public space, local business and pedestrian safety in the Castro. What is being proposed is a TRIAL run to see if the community supports a permanent plaza in this location.

Some opponents have organized to block this community space in Noe Valley. They have contacted Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who will decide
whether the plaza trial will (1) go forward, (2) be replaced with an alternate proposal for sidewalk seating “parklets,” or (3) get shut down entirely. Opponents are trying to kill the plaza before even seeing what works for residents.

Let’s make Noe a great place to go TO, not drive THROUGH!
“Plazas for the People” is a group of neighbors that want to give the trial plaza a shot. We are not anti-car, nor are we adamant about a permanent plaza. However, we DO believe in testing out a possible vision for a neighborhood hub. If the majority of Noe Valley residents feel that the plaza isn’t working after the trial run, it goes back to the way it was. Let’s give it a shot and see what works.

Show your support for improving public space in Noe Valley:
Attend the community meeting on April 8, 6:30 pm - St. Philips Church

Diamond St. entrance between 24th & Elizabeth, in downstairs community room.

E-mail Supervisor Bevan Dufty at

(and copy Bevan needs to hear from you and see you at the meeting!

More info on Pavement to Parks projects here